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Is Medicare Advantage the best choice?

Is Medicare Advantage the best choice?Once a year, Medicare offers the option to change plans. In 2021, the Open Enrollment period is October 15–December 7. Your loved one may be considering a switch to a "Medicare Advantage" plan. There are pros and cons. Medicare "Parts." People on "original Medicare" typically receive hospital coverage (Part A) and doctor care (Part B). In...

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Depression after a scary diagnosis

Depression after a scary diagnosisIf the person you care for has a life-threatening illness, you might think it's only natural for them to feel down. Even hopeless from time to time. But weeks of sadness are not a side effect one simply has to tolerate. It is not uncommon for someone with cancer or a similarly scary diagnosis to...

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Too many pills: When less is more

Too many pills: When less is moreMore than half of older adults take five or more medications per day. That's "polypharmacy," and can be dangerous. Taking too many medicines can cause problems such as dizziness, mental confusion, and heart failure. It can create an increased risk of falls, which often lead to the end of independent living. An estimated 10% to...

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Managing emotional outbursts

Managing emotional outburstsIf the person you care for has Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia, you may find their sudden emotional swings more difficult than their forgetfulness. Among many things, the disease has taken away their inhibitions. They can become quite irrational. And they are more likely to make a scene in public than they ever...

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The “dignity of risk”

The "dignity of risk"One of the most challenging dilemmas when caring for an aging parent is balancing their preference for independence with your concern for their safety. If you have noticed lapses in cleanliness, meals, bill payment, or other areas, you may be worried that your loved one is not able to safely live alone. They may refuse...

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Not all socks are created equal

Not all socks are created equalWhat do a marathon runner and your aging parent have in common? Both could benefit from compression socks! By applying pressure to the legs, compression socks help the valves in the veins do their work—so blood is pushed back to the heart and doesn't pool in the legs. The socks also help keep lymph fluid...

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Dealing with anxiety

Dealing with anxietyIt's only natural for family caregivers to worry. Understandably, we spend a lot of time thinking about "what's next." But if you are in a pattern of persistent worry and are starting to feel the stress in your body too—perhaps headaches, loss of appetite, or trouble sleeping—you may be dealing with anxiety. You are not...

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Services at home: Medicare

Services at home: MedicareMedicare is health insurance provided by the federal government. It covers adults 65 and older, as well as persons with disabilities. In terms of home care, Medicare pays for visits only by medically trained staff. In that light, there are two programs: Home health care involves periodic home visits for a month or two. The...

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Coping with another person’s pain

Coping with another person's painWhen your family member is in pain, you are suffering, too. The "mirror neurons" in our brains are programmed to recognize pain in others. That's good news in that it arouses compassion and spurs us to action. But it can be bad news, too. When you are highly attuned to a loved one's pain, you...

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What is a daily money manager?

What is a daily money manager?A financial advisor manages investments. A daily money manager (DMM) is someone who comes to the home once or twice a month to handle the mundane aspects of personal finances: Paying monthly bills (but your loved one signs the checks). Balancing the checkbook. Navigating health insurance claims. Resolving billing errors. Tracking donations. Organizing paperwork. Gathering...

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